Park It!


With the third Ask Little Falls question, we’re getting more specific.

Little Falls has a good number of parks. Which one is your favorite and why?

And, if I threw you for a loop with the title of the post, perhaps you could get cheeky with me and tell me which parking lot in Little Falls is your favorite. 😉

3 thoughts on “Park It!

  1. My favorite park in Little Falls is Mill Park. Part of what I like about it, which is a little sad, I know, is that it’s kind of a neglected park. Yes, the lawn gets mowed, but the park has never been developed to its full potential. (There is a formal plan for the park, which includes the canal being made into a fish ladder.) The fact that the park is hidden from Lindbergh Drive by a berm and you get to it by driving a dirt path under a railroad bridge is part of its charm. That, and I love that parts of Hennepin Paper have been left as ruins, speaking to the working class ethic of Little Falls.

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  2. I too, think Mill is underutilized and maintained. It is a pretty location.

    My favorite is Maple Island. I like the benches that face the river. During the summer months, there are a couple that allow the sun to warm you while listening to the damn and watching the serenity of the swirling water. It is one of my favorite escapes during my lunch hour. The water is calming yet not too distracting when I’m using that time to study.


    • Maple Island, with James Green Park tacked on by the dam, is my second favorite park for the reasons you mention, Shari. I’m also very fond of the north end playground (name of the park escapes me) because I can run our dog in the hockey arena in the summer.


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