One thought on “Gratitude

  1. I’ve got quite a few things I’m thankful for in Little Falls. This list certainly isn’t exhaustive, but these are the things at the top of my mind.

    I’m thankful for the teachers I had in the Little Falls School District who nurtured my artistic and writing abilities. (Dick Johnson – Best research paper writing teacher ever.)

    On a related note, I’m thankful to the teachers who nurtured my children’s abilities. I want to especially call out Tom Stockard, or, as the kids affectionately call him, “Stockman,” for taking on team after team of high school students to teach them economics and personal finance and have them enter national economics contests. These teams have done very, very well, winning these national challenges. My daughter was on one of Mr. Stockard’s teams. Without Mr. Stockard, I’m not sure my daughter would have realized her talent along these lines.

    I’m thankful for having great neighbors who are friendly and helpful.

    I’m thankful for Bruce and Gary, the custodians at the Crestliner complex, for being all-around great guys and being supportive of our small business.

    I’m thankful for Maria and Rob and the rest of the Community Animal Hospital staff for going above and beyond the call of duty in saving our dog’s life. (They checked in on him at 1 in the morning and gave us a call to update us on his condition. Who does this?!? The Community Animal Hospital, that’s who!)

    I’m thankful for the natural foods section at Coborn’s.

    I’m thankful for Ron and Kess at Zoomski’s for creating such a friendly gathering place with fabulous food.

    I’m thankful for Little Fiesta, once again for the food, but also for the warm and efficient staff.

    Last, but not least, I’m thankful for the Carnegie Library, which has been an important part of my life since I was a child. The librarians are so encouraging to all of us seeking knowledge.


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