Hidden Resources

DSC00698It’s very easy to concentrate on what’s wrong with Little Falls, MN, and to want to fix it, but the community has good points, as well. This week’s question is an attempt to throw light on things that are working in Little Falls.

What hidden resources does Little Falls have?

These can be resources that are so out in the open that they get overlooked or are perhaps not fully appreciated for their role in the community.

One thought on “Hidden Resources

  1. Little Falls has plenty of resources, most of which are hidden in plain sight. In no particular order, here are some of them:

    Atomic Learning, Carnegie Library, Stroia Ballet, Lindbergh State Park, the Mississippi River, Morrison County Animal Humane Society, the Food Shelf, St. Francis Arts Center, Great River Arts, Zoomski’s, Little Fiesta, Pine Grove Park, Golden Shovel Agency, Little Free Libraries, and the old skool cobbler downtown.

    Another hidden resource in the community, one that I’m totally biased about because I work there, is the Morrison County Historical Society. Because we have so many great attractions in Little Falls, ours tends to get overlooked, but the archives and collections at this facility have been critical to historic preservation efforts in downtown, drawing genealogists and other researchers to the area, and serving as a rich resource for personal and business history. MCHS also has interesting exhibits in a wonderful building, so people can just pop in to browse. It’s the only attraction that has free admission and is open all year.

    When I look at the commonalities in the list of resources, I see a lot of knowledge represented. In addition to the mental expertise of citizens, many of them have amazing practical skills. This isn’t just about the adults in town. Any teenager probably knows more about technology and the online world than most adults in the community.

    Why is it, with all of these resources, that Little Falls has difficulty moving forward and growing our town in terms of economic development?

    What resources would you add?


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