Getting Schooled

DSC00620The Little Falls School District, led by Superintendent Steve Jones, has been hosting community meetings to decide on priorities for an upcoming referendum.

The top priority as decided at these meetings is to take care of deferred maintenance, followed by remodeling and improving school facilities, security, a community center and field house, and several other priorities.

Do you agree with these priorities? If so, why? If not, what would you improve about the schools in the district?


4 thoughts on “Getting Schooled

  1. The problem with “our school districts” is that they don’t know how to budget wisely. They let all of their building maintenance go from one year to the next with the idea that they can eventually pass it off onto the taxpayers as a referendum or levy. This happened a few years ago when Little Falls finally passed a referendum. Instead of using the taxpayer money wisely towards acedemics or structural upkeep, they hired 6 part-time sports teachers instead. Irresponsible thinking, planning, and spending.

    And now, according to the MCRecord article, “School committee getting referendum proposal ready” dated December 26, 2014, they want to use another referendum to pay for a new building, under the guise of a “community center”, to be used for “a community center that could resolve physical education and athletics’ over-crowding in the school district.” I would be willing to bet that it would end up strictly as a sports building and the only “community” involvement would come from those who attend the sports events.

    The fact is, boys and girls, your chances of being on a team and actually getting to play are, more than likely, related to your parents financial situation and their position in the community. I’ve heard stories of someone being taken off the varsity team in order for some teacher’s kid who couldn’t even play. After the coach saw that the teacher’s kid couldn’t play, the coach put the other kid back on the varsity. There are too many kids whose parents push them into some kind of sport, and then get angry when they can’t perform to the parents’ standards.
    This just doesn’t happen in the movies!

    Why do we even have school at all??? Let’s just have “recess” all year long and see how long the parents can stand supporting their kids and have them living at home because they don’t have the academic education to get a job!
    The word “referendum” has the letters “dum” at the end, which, IMO means “dum(b) idea”.

    Little Falls has a large number of elderly, as well as a large number of welfare recipients. Any referendum will hurt the incomes of the elderly but probably won’t have any effect on those on welfare.


    • J.Ski – You bring up a good point about whether a proposed community center will actually be able to be used by the community. The pool at the Middle School was supposed to be a community pool … in fact, the community raised funds, not through a referendum, in order to pay for it. Now it is almost exclusively used by the School District. I believe the Charles Martin Auditorium at the High School was also supposed to be used by the community, but the District has a policy that community organizations must pay for custodial staff after hours in order to use it, effectively discouraging its used by the community. There’s a pattern here that suggests the same thing would happen to a community center. With all the security measures schools have to take nowadays, why would the District suggest a community center? How would they ensure that it would remain secure if it’s open to the public?


  2. Mary and J.Ski…you are both correct and a little known fact is that publicly paid for local access tv channel 181 run by the school district requires $400.00 to use its facility to broadcast on their channel. A cleverly devised loophole pretty much denying the public from utilizing it to air public information. That amount is way more than the average resident can pay. What a sham. How about the community developing a true “community foundation” and that foundation run by the public, financing the “community center.” The school district is not the right entity for this venture. My 3 cents.


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