3 thoughts on “It’s All About the Amenities

  1. Little Falls needs gathering places for people to socialize. We’ve got bars, churches, and the schools, but not everyone wants to go to a bar or church to socialize, and we don’t all have children in the school district to bring us to school functions. A coffee shop or tea house open in the evening would be nice.

    In addition, the city needs a convention center with a space big enough for 200-300 people to gather in one area and then have break-out spaces. This would allow the community to host conferences. As a central location in the state, our city could be a draw.

    A business incubator with low rent to help businesses get started. Because Little Falls has so many people skilled in trades, it’d be good to have an incubator aimed at small manufacturers (welders, woodworkers, etc.). In a related idea, a co-working space for professionals would also be helpful.


  2. What have other cities of similar size done for growth? Are their industries which could benefit by low rent and open spaces? Not a company so to say, but an industry. I was just in Hermantown, a small town by Duluth, and they have a growing airplane industry. They have one manufacturer but recently a second has started to build a factory. Many small businesses related to the airplane business have opened, like an upholstery company which makes seats. Finally their local college created a program to teach people to work in the industry. Why not here?
    How can we leverage our small manufacturers into inciting larger manufacturing. We make plows, perhaps we need to draw in companies that do things related to plows?
    If you can get larger businesses in town, then the need becomes greater for bars, churches, and schools. But also the need for restaurants, small retailers, coffee shops, and other activities become greater as well. The more people who live in town who are interested in art, the more need there is for a gallery.

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