Adapting to Climate Change

DSC01398A recent article on Minnesota Public Radio discussed at length some of the practical efforts people in the state are putting into adapting to climate change.

From the article:

“Minnesota is warming faster than the nation as a whole, according to a recent analysis by the non-profit Climate Central. And the character of the rain it receives has changed – more precipitation falls overall and more of it falls in big storms.”

I have witnessed firsthand, as I’m sure other Little Falls residents have, the massive rain storms we’ve had over the past few summers. The rain has come down so hard and in such volume that it seeps into the seam between our entry roof and the exterior wall of the house. We’ve attempted to reseal this seam to no avail. We have to figure out a different method for keeping the rain out of our entry.

What changes in climate have you noticed over the past few years in Little Falls/Morrison County? What pragmatic steps have you taken to deal with those changes? Are there changes you’d like to make but they’re too costly or difficult for you to manage on your own?