Get a (Social) Life!

DSC00617When my husband and I moved back to Little Falls after I finished college, we were new parents with an infant son. What a lonely time. I knew of no groups that we could join with our son. We had two more children within the next few years, but still there didn’t seem to be any place to socialize with our children in tow. When our kids started school, we had an opportunity to meet other parents and get involved with the school’s social milieu.

Now our kids are finished with school and we are no longer engaged with that social scene. If we want to socialize in Little Falls, we’ve got our choice of going to a bar or church, neither of which appeals to us. In thinking about how the town is structured, the best places to run into people are at Walmart or Coborn’s, or maybe the post office, but these are hit-or-miss locations for seeing friends and they’re not conducive to hanging out for more than a few minutes.

Perhaps I’ve missed something in all my years of living in Little Falls, but where are the opportunities to socialize? Where do you hang out with friends? How do you manage to network or meet new people in town?

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  1. One thing I really enjoyed and have missed dearly is the summer musical… That was an awesome experience in which you could get the entire family involved!
    I have also attended several events put on by Great Ruver Arts, and particularly enjoyed the Valentines Dance. It was moderately priced, provided a social scene, wasn’t imposing on my time or demanding on the sense that I know everyone there to feel comfortable. It was fun to bump into people I hadn’t seen and the talented musicians put their heart and soul into their performance, Bravo!!
    It was a great selection of music, lasted from 8-11pm and then wrapped it up for half price drinks (included in the price of the ticket) at the Red Bull…. There was a vast selection of age groups, and the atmosphere was dance club…
    But it wasn’t a drinking party in the least; as many people drank pop or water as had a glass of wine or beer…… Very enjoyable, I highly recommend attending one of their events… 🙂


    • lychel – Thanks so much for bringing up Great River Arts. The organization is pretty good about providing social experiences, although some of the events are pretty costly. I’ve never been to the “Party for the Arts” for this reason, although I have attended other events at GRAA.

      The Little Falls Carnegie Library feels like a very social place to me in that it attracts a lot of users, but we all seem to be in our own little worlds while we’re there. While it’s no longer the whispering spot it once was, I think it’s hard for people to see it as social.


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