Good Suggestions for Moving LF Forward

DSC00648In the March 2015 issue of the Little Falls Chamber of Commerce’s newsletter there was a list of concerns and suggestions Chamber members made to the Little Falls City Council. It was filled with excellent possibilities for moving the city forward.

The list included urging the city to hire a full-time city administrator, revising the sign ordinance so that it works to address both safety and business concerns, plowing the streets more quickly, reviewing past downtown plans and implementing cost effective ideas from them, and encouraging city residents to get more involved in city issues by asking questions and seeking answers.

That’s paraphrased and doesn’t include everything on the Chamber’s list, so contact the Chamber if you’d like to see the whole thing.

I applaud the Chamber for taking the time to put together this list and present it to the Council. A city has lots of moving parts. Without citizen engagement, it can be difficult for a Council to know what residents want or how effective the Council is being.

What would you like the City Council to work on to improve life in Little Falls?

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  1. Thank you Mary for pointing out the chambers list of concerns and ideas to council. I found it on the Publication list….March 2015 newsletter. Very interesting.

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