Bringing the Ages Together in LF

DSC02051Last Thursday, I attended Open Mic Night at the Great River Arts Association. What a delightful evening of entertainment! A variety of musical and spoken word performers got up in front of the crowd to share their talents for no more than 15 minutes each. I have always been impressed with the professional level of artists and musicians in the Little Falls area.

One of the great things about Open Mic Night was the mixed ages of performers and audience members. The teenagers in the crowd brought enthusiasm to their performances (especially the impromptu “La-la” song). Some of them even wrote songs for the event. The adult performers brought their long experience of dealing with audiences (their patter & their definite endings to songs). Hopefully, Open Mic Night gave all the performers inspiration in a way that isn’t the typical adults-are-teachers, kids-are-students format. Everyone had the potential to learn for each other, no matter the age. And those of us who didn’t perform got the benefit of an enjoyable evening out in Little Falls.

The next Open Mic Night is scheduled for May 7, 2015. It’s the last one that Jason Schommer will be hosting, so head to GRAA if you want to take part.

Are there any other occasions in Little Falls that allow for this free-flow of knowledge between different age groups? If so, please share them in the comments. If not, do you have any ideas for creating these sorts of occasions?

2 thoughts on “Bringing the Ages Together in LF

  1. St. Francis Music Center has lots of multi-generational activities including the orchestras and chorale groups.


    • Thanks for mentioning St. Francis Music Center, Robyn. I was aware of the Center’s music lessons, but only somewhat aware of the orchestras & chorale groups, so didn’t think about whether they were multi-generational.


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