One thought on “Machers, Schmoozers & Hermits

  1. I don’t think that you need a book to figure this out…with the computer/smartphone age, technology has taken over the “social” world. Older generations, due to aging, lose their hearing and don’t even like to talk on phones or socialize much because of their hearing loss. Those “boomers” are getting into that group now. The “millennials” and the younger generations have been brought up with computer technology, and many are getting rid of their landline phones in favor of the smartphones…”texting” has replaced “talking”.

    “Social Networks”, such as Facebook, Twitter, etc., have taken the place of talking. Some parents keep track of their children and their activities by texting. I have witnessed a parent texting her daughter…they were sitting next to each other, and on another occassion, 2 sisters doing the same! On both occassions, they were “visiting” their grandmother, who has severe hearing loss and can’t text. KIDS!…Turn off your cellphones when visiting Grandma!!!

    I don’t think that you can divide the population into just 3 groups; Machers, Schmoozers & Hermits. It’s like saying there are only 3 political groups; Democrats, Republicans, and Independants, or 3 groups of cowboys in the movies; “The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly”. The Government politicians usually classify people as “the top 2 percent, the middle class, and the poor”…(have you noticed that those politicians say nothing about the poor?). Most surveys have ratings of 1-5 or 1-10. How many different world religions are there? How many races of people are there? How many different languages are there? Each one is a “social” group.

    As an example, the last school referendum failed…there were a group of people (50-70) who attended a series of meetings (Machers?). Another “yes” group was formed to “spread the word” (Machers or Schmoozers?), and there were others , about 20 or so, who voiced their opinion “yes” vote in the local newspaper (Machers or Schmoozers?). Then, there were a few “no” people, about 5, who voiced their opinion in the local newspaper (are they anti-Macher or anti-Schmoozer?). Online, there were about 10 people who voiced their opinions one way or another (where do they fit in?). There were 1,471 “yes” votes, of which about 90 percent were not outspoken (are they “yes” Hermits?). There were 2197 “no” votes, in which most of them were not outspoken (are they “no” Hermits?). What about those who didn’t vote (Don’t care Hermits?) Just from this example, there appears to be at least 6 different groups…even each group could be divided into subgroups, based on the reason they voted the way they did (or didn’t).

    As Mary has pointed out previously, there are places to “socialize”…churches, bars, library, etc., but if you’re not interested in those, what’s left? County Fairs, Wine-tasting, Arts ‘N’ Crafts…once a year events. In most “social” events, you need to have an interest, and most people don’t like attending alone. Scheduling your time with someone else’s then becomes the problem….so, you stay home and read books, watch TV, listen to music, text, or sleep. Until people can shut off their electronic gadgets and contact people face to face, the “socialness” of society will continue to wane…of course, it costs more money to “socialize” today than it did in the 1950’s and 1960’s. Most anyone (except the top 2 percent), going out for dinner , a movie, a bar, etc. will experience “sticker shock” if they say… “I’m buying”!


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