3 thoughts on “The Paternalism of Little Falls

  1. Not to be terribly snide, but at one time that paternalism in many smaller communities was wielded by groups like the Chamber of Commerce and Rotary Club or similar. Membership of the business elite, all male, and pretty much upper-class. (Do you think it was those folks who scuttled the idea of bringing CLC to LF?)

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    • Somebody with power sure scuttled that idea, Mike. From what I’ve heard in the long-memory rumor mill, the City didn’t want the school because people didn’t want those pesky kids here causing trouble and making noise. So, in the interest of keeping everything quiet and unruffled, our city has actively worked to keep out a school that could have led to economic development.


      • In looking at the history of CLC, I see that some form of the school has been around since 1938. http://www.clcmn.edu/general/history.html

        The rumor that a technical school was looking to locate in Little Falls is a persistent one. I’ve heard it from numerous people over the years, but I’ve never nailed down exactly when this school was being considered. Nor have I run across any documentation about why it didn’t come to LF. It’s a story that needs further research, but where to start? Anyone have any idea about what time period this was being considered and who the major players were?


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