DSC00738**Ask Little Falls is a private blog, not affiliated with Little Falls city government or other city organizations.**


Do you ever feel like no one is listening to you as a citizen? You’ve got ideas about how to improve the community, but who can you take them to in order to see them enacted? Have you ever taken part in a community-wide “listening-session” or “idea session” and watched as most of the ideas are chucked out of the process by the color dots of the majority? Have you noticed how the rest of the ideas put forth in these sessions are written up in a fancy bound plan only to be placed on a shelf, forgotten? I have witnessed and felt all of the above and I wanted to do something about it.

Welcome to Ask Little Falls.

Ask Little Falls is my effort to create an open avenue of discussion for residents of Little Falls.

Ask Little Falls will present open-ended questions about the community for residents to discuss. In essence, it’s about asking you … the citizens who make up Little Falls … about yourselves and the community. The goal is to present one question each week for a year. You are encouraged to ask your own questions, as well. Please submit questions via the contact page.

I chose a blog format because it will allow others, including community leaders, a chance to read what local citizens have to say. It’s also open 24/7, so people can contribute their comments or read it at any time.

Some questions will focus on the negative aspects of the community, some on the positive, and some on problem-solving and idea-generation.

Brace yourselves. There will most assuredly be complaints. As long as comments follow the No Trolling rules, complaints can be cathartic and help citizens vent about the community’s flaws. Perhaps something constructive can arise out of the negative, even if it’s only to show what we don’t want the community to be.

Little Falls residents of all ages are encouraged to take part in the discussion. So are former residents. We need to hear your perspective, to find out what caused you to leave the community.

Hopefully, if Ask Little Falls can get people thinking and talking deeply about issues facing the community, we can inspire residents to take action in making Little Falls a happier, more productive place to live. We don’t need to wait for an authority figure outside ourselves to improve our quality of life.

Feel free to share Ask Little Falls with other residents.

In order to keep Ask Little Falls a safe and open place for communication, please read and follow the rules on the No Trolls page.

Here’s to fruitful discussions,

Mary Warner


The views expressed on this blog are not the views of my employer.


All photos by Mary Warner, unless labeled otherwise.



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  1. I agree with the Community Center idea. Again I think the city council was short sighted when they tore down the old high school. A town where we used to live kept their old school and made it into studio space which could be rented by artists, a Montessori school, a Yoga classroom, and a number of other uses. It is used a lot.


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